The History of the Acai Berry in Modern Medicine

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Acai berry

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This berry has been utilized for centuries in order to make people healthier. The Acai berry has a long and esteemed history and it was first utilized by tribes in the Amazon. They used it in order to treat a variety of health conditions. Even to this day, these tribes rely on the berry in order to feel better and live longer.

It’s believed that the health-boosting properties of this berry are due to its high concentration of anti-oxidants. As you may already know, anti-oxidants slow down cell damage, thereby keeping the body in a more youthful state. Health benefits which are linked with ingestion of this berry or Acai berry supplements include:

  • improved heart health
  • improved prostate health
  • reduction of germs (antibiotic properties)

Choose an Acai Berry Supplement

In the olden days, these berries were picked by hand. They grow high on the boughs of palm trees with long, thin leaves. Today, holistic health companies cultivate these berries and make highly-concentrated supplements from them. There is great demand for this berry!

If you’re interested in trying out an Acai Berry supplement, look for an organic and non-GMO formula, which is pure and free of unhealthy fillers, such as yeast and sugar. This will ensure that you are able to get more benefits from your supplement. It’s possible to order high-quality Acai Berry supplements online.

By doing so, you’ll be able to fight infections, protect your heart health and (if you’re male) protect prostate health. In addition, you may find that this natural supplement gives you more energy.

Bursting with goodness, the Acai Berry contains fiber, vitamin E, an assortment of minerals and vital Omega oils. As you can see, this little berry is a treasure trove of nutrition. Some experts consider it on a par with olive oil in terms of its health benefits. Some people even believe that this berry has the power to prevent cancer.

Now that you know more about this berry, why not select a supplement and experience the power and potential of Acai Berry for yourself? Once you do so, you may find that you feel better fast. When you’re shopping around for this supplement, be sure to check product reviews online. When you do, you’ll see what other real-life customers have to say about particular Acai Berry supplement formulas.

You deserve great health. The right supplement will energize you, give your body what it needs and help you to fight off illnesses and reduce the risk of long-term health problems. Since supplements of this type are typically very affordable, they are a good investment in better health and it’s just so easy to order supplies of Acai Berry supplement online.

Once you’ve tried this supplement, you may find that it’s something special. Since it’s very safe and doesn’t tend to cause unwanted side effects in users, it’s also a practical choice for health-conscious consumers.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the “lost secret” of the Amazon. Order you own supply of this powerful, anti-oxidant supplement today! Or go to our homepage to check out other health tips!

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5 Low Sugar Fruits That You Should Enjoy Daily

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If you want the goodness of natural fruit, without the excess natural sugar, you’ll find that certain fruits are quite low in sugar content. Sticking to these fruits will allow you to access an array of nutrients, without the sugar downside. Sugar is hard on the immune system and it’s also bad for people with certain health conditions, such as diabetes.

In addition, those who are looking to lose weight often prefer to eschew high-sugar fruits, as these may short-circuit diets. So, let’s look at 5 low sugar fruits that you should enjoy daily…

They are:

  • Guava
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries


Guava is succulent and beautiful to behold and it’s a wonderful and exotic way to enjoy superlative taste and nutrition. If you’ve never tried Guava, you should know that it tastes like a blend of strawberry and pear, which is definitely a good thing. In addition, Guava is loaded with vitamin C and fiber, as well as phyto-nutrients.


Lemon is also delicious and very beneficial to human health. Some people like to make hot water with lemon in the morning, as it helps to purify their systems and also assists with weight loss. Lemon is a natural diuretic and it has a distinctive, tangy kick. It’s easy to add fresh lemon juice to an array of recipes, from desserts to main dishes and beyond. While most people don’t eat this sour fruit plain, it’s a perfect condiment and it’s also very affordable.


Lime is a lot like lemon in terms of its health benefits and its versatility as an ingredient. Add healthy, fresh lime juice to recipes, such as salsa, or make limeade from scratch at home. Like lemon, it has lots of vitamin C, so it’s great for the immune system. In addition, lime is just delicious and this is why it’s such a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

Consider Watermelon and Strawberries


Watermelon is another low-sugar fruit which is affordable and so easy to enjoy. Just slice up a watermelon and enjoy fresh, watery and sweet flavor which isn’t too sweet! You may also use watermelon in order to make juices or cocktails. While watermelon isn’t featured in as many recipes as lemon and lime, it’s a summertime favorite which is perfect plain and it’s just so easy to serve the whole family from one watermelon.


Lastly, juicy strawberries are lower in natural sugar than you might expect. These berries are luscious and filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Use them in order to access superior taste and nutrition. Add them to recipes or wash them and eat them plain.

Try These Low Sugar Fruits Today

Adding low sugar fruits to your diet will help you to snack healthfully. They may assist you in meeting your weight loss goals and improving your health.

Since all of these fruits are available at most grocery stores, you’ll find that stocking up on them is really easy. Of course, organic varieties are preferable, as they won’t be grown using chemical pesticides.

For more information and advice on weight loss and health improvement, visit our homepage!

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How To Deal With Gum Recession

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Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida is a multidisciplinary team consisting of a General Dentist, a Prosthodontist, a Periodontist and a wonderful staff. With our experience in different dental specialties we are able to offer customized dental treatment that best suits your personal needs.

What Is Gum Recession?

Gingival recession, or gum recession, is the process in which margin of the gum tissue which surrounds that teeth is pulled back.  This exposes more of the tooth, or more precisely, it exposes a part of the tooth’s root.  The forming of “pockets” in the gaps between the tooth and gum line, makes it easy for bacteria to build up.  The bacteria can open the way for diseases, and if gum recession is left untreated it can cause the supporting tissue and bone structures of the teeth to become severely damaged.  Ultimately, the worst case scenario is for the patient to lose his tooth due to gum recession and further complications.

Look For Signs of Gum Recession

Gingival recession is a really common dental problem which most people do not even see until it is too late.  Gum recession starts with tooth sensitivity, and then it gradually worsens.  If you feel a notch at the gum line, you should probably visit your dentist in order to check gum recession. Remember, prevention is the best medicine!


What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession is most commonly caused by periodontal diesases. Periodontal diseases cause the gum tissue and the supporting gum to erode, due to bacterial gum infection. Periodontitis is always preceded by gingivitis, however not every gingivitis develops into periodontitis. Periodontal diseases start with a pocket formation and end with tooth mobility, drifting and ultimately tooth loss.

progress of periodontal disease

Dental care is a crucial element in gum recession. While aggressive tooth brushing can cause the enamel to wear away and your gums to recede, so can insufficient dental care and inadequate brushing, which can cause the building up of hard substances. These hard substances, which are also called calculus or tartar, can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning and all of this can once again lead to gum recession.

The gums are more sensitive with every hormonal change which might be occurring in the body. Therefore, when hormones fluctuate during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, it can cause the gums to become more sensitive. Furthermore, sensitive gums are more likely to develop gum recession.

Among other reasons why your gums recede might be found in your genes. Some people just have a genetic predisposition to develop gum disease, regardless how well they conduct their oral hygiene, and there is nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

Do Not Ignore Gingival Recession!

Gum recession should not be ignored, but treated as soon as possible, in order to prevent possible further damage which can be caused by ignoring this condition.  Often people think all the dealing with gum recession once it is already too late, and when nothing can be done to fix the damage. Also, severe cases of periodontitis can be even treated by periodontal plastic surgery. All in all, you should prevent the recession of your gums, and do everything possible at any stage in order to save and protect your dental health and existing teeth and not risk losing them in the first place.

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